freeze noun

1 period of weather with a temperature below 0°

ADJ. big The weather report advised us to prepare for a big freeze.

2 putting a particular level on sth

ADJ. immediate | complete, total a total freeze on gas emissions | virtual | pay, price, wage

VERB + FREEZE bring in, impose The government has imposed a price freeze on petrol. | announce, declare | lift It's too expensive to lift the freeze on pay.

PREP. ~ on a freeze on bus fares

freeze verb

1 become ice/extremely cold

ADV. solid The pond had frozen solid. | over, up The lake has frozen over. The pipes have frozen up.

PHRASES freeze to death Hundreds of homeless people could freeze to death this winter.

2 preserve food

ADV. well Many vegetables freeze very well.

3 stop moving

ADV. suddenly | for a moment/second, momentarily His smile froze for a moment.

VERB + FREEZE seem to Suddenly, Ronny seemed to freeze.

PREP. in/with She froze with horror when she saw the body. | into Maggie's face had frozen into a cold mask.

PHRASES freeze to the spot He was so surprised he froze to the spot.

4 wages/prices

ADV. effectively Wages were effectively frozen for six months.

PREP. at Prices have been frozen at this level for over a year now.

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