fold noun

1 part of sth folded

ADJ. billowing, loose, soft billowing folds of clouds | deep, heavy | neat | vertical

VERB + FOLD be hidden behind/by/in The troops were hidden by the deep folds of the ground. | fall in, hang in ~s The fabric fell in soft folds. His face hung in heavy folds.

PREP. in a/the ~ It was a solitary spot in a fold between two hills. | ~ in a fold in the land

PHRASES folds of flesh/skin the loose folds of flesh under her chin

2 the fold: group of people who feel they belong

ADJ. international | family | Anglican, Catholic, etc.

VERB + FOLD join | leave | come back into/to, return to | be back in The country is now firmly back in the international fold. | bring sb (back) into/to The indigenous people were brought into the Catholic fold. | accept sb back into, welcome sb (back) into/to His father finally accepted him back into the family fold.

PREP. within a/the ~ opposing viewpoints within the Anglican fold

fold verb

ADV. carefully, neatly | deftly He deftly folded the typed sheets and replaced them in the envelope. | gently Her hands lay gently folded in her lap. | in half, in two She folded the piece of paper in half. | back, down, over | up I folded up the clothes and put them away.

PREP. into She folded the clothes into a neat bundle.

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