flow noun

ADJ. heavy, large, massive | good | adequate | poor Our shower doesn't work very well because of the poor water flow. | main | increased, increasing | ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless | free, uninterrupted the uninterrupted flow of traffic | even, smooth, steady to maintain an even flow of work through the department | easy, natural I liked the concerto for its natural flow. | outward the outward flow of investment from the country | annual, daily, seasonal | data, information | air, blood, gas, lava, menstrual, river, water | capital, cash, financial, investment, production, trade

VERB + FLOW have Big pension funds have a constant flow of cash. | get, obtain Squeeze the tube of sealant slowly to obtain an even flow. | allow We like to allow a free flow of ideas in our company. | produce, provide The system provides a continuous flow of information to the market. | keep, maintain He kept up a flow of chatter. | ensure You must use a wide pipe to ensure an adequate flow of water. | control, regulate | assist, encourage, facilitate, stimulate to encourage the flow of revenue into the country | enhance, improve, increase The company is trying to enhance its cash flow. | disrupt, impede, reduce, restrict, slow (down) The continual bombing disrupted the flow of supplies to the ground troops. | block, break (up), cut (off), halt, interrupt, staunch, stem, stop They tried to staunch the flow of blood. | divert The main flow of water has been diverted to a new course. | join | measure

FLOW + NOUN rate The flow rate was measured at 9.5 litres per second. | chart, diagram

PREP. against the ~ They have to swim against the flow of the river. | ~ around/round air flows around the wings of an aircraft | ~ from First cut off the water flow from the boiler. | ~ into She joined the flow of immigrants to the country. | ~ through the flow of data through the system

PHRASES changes in the flow Changes in the flow of patients have reduced the number of beds available. | the ebb and flow the ebb and flow of the tide

(figurative) He was at the mercy of the ebb and flow of public opinion. | in full flow She tried to interrupt his speech, but he was already in full flow (= talking continuously and not thinking of stopping). | the rate of flow the rate of flow of water

flow verb

ADV. easily, freely, smoothly We talked, and the conversation flowed freely. Wine and beer flowed freely. | fast, swiftly The river flows quite fast here. | slowly | naturally In a good production of the play, the action and the words flow naturally. | directly Some of these changes will flow directly from the legislation. | constantly, continuously | away, back, in, out, past

VERB + FLOW seem to | begin to, start to | continue to Imported food aid continued to flow in.

PREP. across, along, between, down a small stream that flowed down the hillside | from Blood was still flowing from the wound. | into One day seemed to flow into the next. | out of, over, through Information flows continuously through the network. | to to get blood flowing to the brain

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