flick noun

ADJ. quick

VERB + FLICK give (sth) The fish gave a quick flick of its tail.

PREP. with a ~ With a flick of his wrist he removed the ash from the end of his cigarette. | ~ of

PHRASES at the flick of a switch Heat is available at the flick of a switch (= instantly, by simply switching on the electricity).

flick verb

ADV. casually | nervously | quickly | away, back

PREP. across His tongue flicked nervously across dry lips. | from He casually flicked away some dust from his jacket. | off She flicked the ash off her cigarette. | over His eyes flicked quickly over the screen.

PHRASES flick sth open She snatched up her briefcase and flicked it open. PHRASAL VERBS flick through sth

ADV. absent-mindedly, casually, idly She flicked idly through a magazine. | quickly

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