fix noun

1 solution to a problem

ADJ. quick There is no quick fix to the breakdown in negotiations between the two companies. | technical, technological | bug The new software incorporates many bug fixes and product improvements.

2 amount of sth, especially a drug

ADJ. regular

VERB + FIX have He gets withdrawal symptoms if he hasn't had his regular fix. | need | get

3 difficult situation

VERB + FIX be in I was in a fix. | get in/into How did you get into such a fix? | put sb in The power cut put us in a fix because we had invited people to dinner. | get (sb) out of I lent her the money to get her out of a fix.

fix verb

ADV. firmly, securely | directly

PREP. onto, to The handrail can be fixed directly to the wall.

PHRASES fix sth in place/position Fix the bars in position with the screws provided.

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