feature noun

1 important part of sth

ADJ. basic, central, essential, important, key, main, major, significant | conspicuous, distinctive, distinguishing, dominant, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, predominant, prominent a distinctive feature of his poems | outstanding, remarkable, striking | attractive, endearing, eye-catching | interesting, special, unusual | salient He took me around our new offices, pointing out all the salient features. | useful | characteristic, typical | unique | common the common feature in all these cases | permanent, regular These walks became a regular feature of his day. | recurring Self-deprecation is a recurring feature as Stevenson talks. | redeeming The one redeeming feature of the scheme was its low cost to the council. | original The house retains most of its original features. | built-in | additional | constructional, design, physical, structural | energy-saving, safety a car with new built-in safety features

VERB + FEATURE have The site had a number of interesting features. | retain | point out

FEATURE + VERB distinguish sth the essential feature that distinguishes anorexia nervosa from other eating disorders | characterize sth A feature that characterizes all anteaters is an extremely slow metabolic rate. | include sth Special features include passenger airbags and an electric sunroof.

2 features: sb's face

ADJ. handsome | delicate, fine | rugged admiring his rugged features | chiselled a slim figure with strongly chiselled features | aquiline, hawk-like | facial

VERB + FEATURE have She's got very delicate features.

PREP. with ~ a young woman with fine features

3 newspaper article/television item

ADJ. big, major, special | regular The magazine runs a regular feature on ethnic cooking. | in-depth

VERB + FEATURE do, have, publish, run Next month they will publish a special feature on computer books.


PREP. ~ on an in-depth feature on the Italian fashion scene

feature verb

1 include sth as an important part

ADV. regularly Women's magazines regularly feature diets and exercise regimes. | rarely

PHRASES be featured in/on sth His work is featured in a special documentary tonight. The school has been featured on television.

2 have a part in sth

ADV. heavily, highly, largely, prominently, significantly, strongly Reading over his past speeches, you'll see that housing, public health and education feature strongly.

PREP. in Garlic features prominently in her recipes.

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