faint adj.

1 not strong or clear

VERBS be, look, sound His voice sounded faint and far away. | become, grow The whispers grew fainter and fainter, then stopped altogether.

ADV. extremely, very I can't make out the number?it's very faint. | rather

2 near to losing consciousness

VERBS be, feel, look

ADV. extremely, very | almost | a bit, a little, quite I was beginning to feel a little faint.

PREP. with I was faint with hunger.

faint verb

ADV. almost, nearly

VERB + FAINT be about to, be going to He was so pale she thought he was going to faint.

PREP. at He would faint at the sight of blood. | from She fainted from lack of air. | with She almost fainted with shock.

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