equal adj.

1 same in size/quantity/value, etc.

VERBS be | become | make sth We moved some of the better players to make the two sides equal.

ADV. absolutely, exactly, in every way, precisely Their test results were equal in every way. | almost, nearly, virtually | about, approximately, more or less, roughly The EU nations together have an economy about equal in size to that of the US. | just | at least Fitness is important in sport, but of at least equal importance are skills.

PREP. in The two books are more or less equal in length. | to Three feet is roughly equal to one metre.

2 having the same rights

VERBS be | be born I believe everyone is born equal.

ADV. genuinely, truly 3 equal to sth able to do sth

VERBS be, feel, prove, seem I hope that he proves equal to the challenge. | become | make sb I felt that nothing could make me equal to the demands being made of me.

ADV. more than I felt more than equal to the task.

equal noun

ADJ. intellectual, social

VERB + EQUAL regard sb as, treat sb as He did not regard himself as her intellectual equal.

PREP. as an ~ He talks even to small children as equals. | between ~s An interview should be a conversation between equals. | without ~ His guitar playing is without equal.

PHRASES be sb's equal I shall never be his equal at chess. | first among equals He was regarded as the ‘first among equals’ by the other office clerks. | have few equals When it comes to plain speaking, she has few equals. | have no equal In fighting, they had no equals.

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