engineer noun

1 designs/builds engines/roads, etc.

ADJ. chief | chartered, qualified, skilled, trained You need the advice of a qualified engineer. | consultant/consulting, production | aeronautical, agricultural, aircraft, chemical, civil, design, electrical, electronics, flight, marine, mechanical, mining, railway, recording, software, sound, structural

VERB + ENGINEER produce, train Britain isn't producing enough engineers. > Note at PROFESSIONAL(for more verbs)

2 repairs machines/equipment

ADJ. qualified, registered, skilled, trained | maintenance, service | heating, lighting, telephone

VERB + ENGINEER call in/out > Note at JOB(for more verbs)

engineer verb

1 manage to arrange sth

ADV. brilliantly, carefully She carefully engineered a meeting with the chairman.

VERB + ENGINEER seek to, try to

2 design and build sth

ADV. carefully, finely, precisely, superbly the car is superbly engineered and a pleasure to drive.

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