ease noun

ADJ. alarming, astonishing, consummate, great, remarkable I obtained the drugs with alarming ease. | comparative, relative | apparent I was surprised at the apparent ease with which he had got into the building. | contemptuous She returned her opponent's serve with contemptuous ease. | practised

PREP. for ~ in The back of the garment is split for ease in walking. | for ~ of The whole machine is designed for ease of use. | with ~ They passed the exam with ease. | ~ of The car brings ease of access to the countryside.

ease verb

1 make sth less painful/serious/difficult

ADV. considerably, greatly The situation would be considerably eased if more money were made available. | slightly, somewhat | gradually, slowly | away The pain in my leg gradually eased away.

VERB + EASE help (to) The new road should help ease traffic problems. | begin to Tensions between the two countries are beginning to ease. | try to

2 move carefully

ADV. carefully, gently | away, back, down, forward, etc. Jean eased back on the pillows and relaxed.

PREP. away from, into He eased himself into the driving seat. | out of She carefully eased the car out of the garage

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