drain noun

1 pipe/hole that dirty water goes down

ADJ. blocked

VERB + DRAIN block | clear, unblock | lay They were busy laying the drains for the new houses.

2 sth that uses up time/money/resources

ADJ. heavy, major, serious | brain scientists joining the brain drain (= moving to a country where they can work in better conditions and earn more)

PREP. ~ on These losses have been a major drain on the company's resources.

drain verb

1 make sth empty/dry

ADV. thoroughly, well Remove the artichokes, drain thoroughly and allow to cool. well-drained soil

2 make sb/sth weaker/poorer, etc.

ADV. totally, utterly | emotionally, physically | away draining away the country's coal reserves

PREP. of His voice was utterly drained of emotion.

PHRASES be/feel drained Sue felt exhausted and emotionally drained.

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