divide noun

ADJ. great, sharp | growing | north-south, etc. | class, cultural, ideological, religious, sectarian | party


DIVIDE + VERB widen | narrow | open (up)

PREP. ~ between the sharp divide between rich and poor regions | ~ in The leader's speech aimed to close the embarrassing divide in party ranks.

divide verb

1 separate into parts

ADV. broadly, roughly This report is divided broadly into two parts. | exactly | clearly | conveniently, neatly Railway enthusiasts divide neatly into two groups. | evenly | up The country is divided up into nine regions.

PREP. into The children divided into three teams.

PHRASES divide in two the point where the river divides in two

2 share

ADV. equally | up

PREP. among/amongst The money was divided equally among his sons. | between They divided their time between London and their country cottage.

3 cause disagreement

ADV. bitterly, deeply, hopelessly, seriously, sharply This issue has bitterly divided the community. | evenly

PHRASES be divided about/on/over sth Cabinet ministers were deeply divided on the issue.

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