dislike noun

1 feeling of not liking sb/sth

ADJ. acute, deep, great, hearty, intense, real, strong, violent Several committee members expressed their intense dislike of the chairman. | growing | particular | obvious, marked | instant | instinctive | open | active She threw him a look of active dislike. | cold He glanced at her with cold dislike. | pathological | personal | mutual In spite of their mutual dislike and hostility, they quite often worked together.

VERB + DISLIKE feel, have She felt dislike rather than sympathy as he told his story. My grandfather has a great dislike of long hair on boys. | express, show | take I took an instant dislike to my new colleague.

PREP. with ~ Sonia stared at me with dislike and distrust. | ~ for She had a deep dislike for Robert's wife.

PHRASES a feeling/look of dislike

2 sth you do not like

PHRASES your likes and dislikes I've told you all my likes and dislikes.

dislike verb

ADV. cordially, greatly, heartily, intensely, positively, really, strongly She disliked her boss intensely. | particularly | simply He simply disliked working with committees and avoided it whenever possible. | instinctively | actively There are very few foods that I actively dislike. | clearly, obviously

PHRASES be universally/widely disliked The new teacher was universally disliked.

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