dawn noun

1 early morning

ADJ. grey

VERB + DAWN greet (literary) He always got up to greet the dawn.

DAWN + VERB break, come (up) Dawn was breaking over the valley.

DAWN + NOUN light, sky | chorus The dawn chorus (= birds singing) woke Robyn at five. | patrol, raid Ammunition was seized during a dawn raid on the flat.

PREP. at ~ That morning, she rose at dawn. | before ~, by ~, till/until ~, towards ~

PHRASES (at) the crack of dawn (= as soon as it begins to be light), from dawn to dusk He works from dawn to dusk, and often well into the night.

2 beginning

ADJ. false This sudden success may prove to be a false dawn (= not the beginning of continued success). | new

PREP. ~ of the dawn of civilization/history/a new era Let's think back to the dawn of time.

dawn verb

1 begin

PHRASES dawn bright, sunny, clear, cold, etc. The day dawned bright and sunny.

2 become clear

ADV. suddenly | gradually, slowly It slowly dawned on me that he might have been mistaken. | eventually, finally

VERB + DAWN begin to It was beginning to dawn on her that she had been fooled.

PREP. on The dreadful truth finally dawned on me.

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