dash noun

1 sudden quick movement

ADJ. quick, sudden | frantic, headlong, mad | final, last-minute

VERB + DASH make

PREP. ~ across We had to make a frantic dash across town to get our plane | ~ for He made a sudden dash for the door. | ~ from, ~ through The book starts with a quick dash through the country's history. | ~ to He made a 200-mile dash to the hospital when a kidney donor became available.

2 small amount of sth

VERB + DASH add Add a dash of lemon juice.

PREP. ~ of The food is European with a dash of Morocco.

dash verb

1 go/run quickly

ADV. frantically | about, around, back, forward, off, out I've got to dash off now.

VERB + DASH have to, must I must dash?I'm late.

PREP. across, along, down, in, into, out of, through, to, up He dashed frantically across the road.

2 destroy sth

ADV. quickly | cruelly Her hopes were cruelly dashed when her parents refused to let her go.

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