cough noun

ADJ. little, polite, slight The butler gave a little cough to announce his presence. | violent | bad, nasty | chesty, croupy | barking, dry, hacking, racking, rasping | persistent | smoker's He had a smoker's cough and nicotine-yellowed fingers.

VERB + COUGH give He gave a slight, apologetic cough and said, ‘Excuse me.’ | have, suffer from | catch, develop, get

COUGH + NOUN medicine, mixture, sweet > Special page at ILLNESS

cough verb

ADV. a bit, a little, slightly | apologetically, discreetly, nervously, politely | loudly, violently | up He vomited and began coughing up blood.

PHRASES cough and splutter The whisky made her cough and splutter. | a coughing fit He had a coughing fit and couldn't speak for a few moments. | cough into life (figurative) The old engine coughed into life.

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