contact noun

1 meeting/talking/writing to sb

ADJ. close She is still in close contact with Sarah. | regular | direct Have you had any direct contact with the director of the company? | face-to-face

VERB + CONTACT be in, have | come into, establish, get in, make In his job, he comes into contact with many different people. We first established contact with the organization in 1999. When I arrive in New York, I'll get in contact with him. | put sb in I put my cousin in contact with a friend who works at the company. | keep, maintain, stay in Maintaining contact after many years can be difficult. | break off | lose

PREP. ~ between There has been no contact between them for several years. | ~ with I have very little contact with Simon now.

2 person you know who can help you

ADJ. good, useful, valuable | business, personal

VERB + CONTACT have He has a lot of good contacts in the music industry. | build up, make It takes time to build up contacts. I made a lot of useful business contacts at the conference.

3 when people/things touch each other

ADJ. physical, sexual The disease is transmitted through physical contact.

VERB + CONTACT come into Do not let the glue come into contact with water.

PREP. in ~ For a brief moment their lips were in contact. | on ~ The light will go out on contact with water. | ~ between There should be no contact between the separate samples. | ~ with

contact verb

ADV. immediately | directly | personally | by email, by phone/telephone He can be contacted by phone on the telephone number given below.

PHRASES do not hesitate to contact sb Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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