comfort noun

1 having all your body needs/a pleasant life

ADJ. great, maximum, modest, reasonable They live in modest comfort. | comparative, relative | added a quilted cover for added comfort | domestic, personal, physical

PREP. for ~ I dress for comfort rather than glamour. | in ~ I like to travel in reasonable comfort.

PHRASES a degree/standard of comfort, in the comfort of your own home, too close/hot for comfort The hotel offers a high standard of comfort. The sound of gunfire was too close for comfort.

2 help/kindness to sb who is suffering

ADJ. great | cold A drop in the unemployment rate was cold comfort for those without a job (= not much comfort at all).

QUANT. crumb, word

VERB + COMFORT bring sb, give sb, offer sb, provide sb with His kind words brought some comfort to the grieving parents. | derive, draw, find, get, seek, take They sought comfort in each other. We took great comfort from the fact that at least some of our savings were safe.

COMFORT + NOUN food Chocolate is a great comfort food.

PREP. ~ in She found comfort in music.

PHRASES a source of comfort

3 sb/sth that helps when you are suffering, etc.

ADJ. great

PREP. ~ to The children have been a great comfort to me through all of this.

4 sth that makes life easier

ADJ. modern | creature, home, material I hate camping?I miss all my creature comforts. | spiritual

comfort verb

ADV. greatly The idea that he was not alone comforted him greatly.

PHRASES be comforted to know He was comforted to know that most people in the class knew even less than he. | being comforted by family/friends/relatives The victim's widow was today being comforted by family and friends. | feel comforted

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