climate noun

1 weather conditions of a particular region

ADJ. hot, warm | cold, cool | mild | extreme, harsh, inhospitable, severe the severe northern climate | damp, humid, wet | arid, dry | equatorial, Mediterranean, subtropical, temperate, tropical | northern, southern, etc. | global global climate change

VERB + CLIMATE have The city has a warm climate.


PREP. in a/the ~ Little grows in such a dry climate.

2 opinions, etc. people have at a particular time

ADJ. favourable | hostile, unfavourable | current, present, prevailing | changed, changing | business, economic, emotional, financial, ideological, intellectual, moral, political, social


PREP. in a/the ~ His ideas on equality are viewed as utopian in the current political climate. | ~ for a climate for economic recovery | ~ of The new policies have created a climate of fear.

PHRASES a climate of opinion

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