charge noun

1 price asked for sth

ADJ. heavy, high | reasonable, small | minimum | fixed, standard | total | annual, daily, etc. | standing There is a quarterly standing charge. | additional, extra, further | admission, bank, call, call-out, cancellation, commission, cover, handling, hire, interest, maintenance, prescription, service

VERB + CHARGE impose, introduce, levy, make We make a small charge for wrapping your gift. | waive They agreed to waive the cancellation charges. | incur All cancellations incur a charge. | pay | increase | reduce | reverse the ~s (= when telephoning)

PREP. at a ~ This service is available at a nominal charge. | for a ~ The hotel operates a bus service to the village for a small charge. | ~ for There is no charge for cashing traveller's cheques. | ~ on a charge on company profits

PHRASES free of charge (= without any charge) The company will deliver free of charge.

2 official statement accusing sb of a crime

ADJ. grave, serious | lesser, reduced He was found guilty on a reduced charge of assault. | baseless, false, trumped-up | civil, criminal, disciplinary | assault, corruption, drug/drugs, fraud, murder, etc.

VERB + CHARGE bring, file, lay, level, make Police have brought a charge of dangerous driving against the man. | bring, prefer, press (only used with charges) | drop, withdraw | answer, face She is almost certain to face criminal charges. | admit He has admitted the murder charge. | deny, dismiss, refute, reject The prime minister dismissed the charge that he had misled Parliament. | fabricate, trump up He accused the government of fabricating the charges for political reasons. | investigate | prove, substantiate The charges will be difficult to prove. | dismiss, throw out The court dismissed the charge against him.

CHARGE + VERB allege sth new charges alleging the misuse of funds

CHARGE + NOUN sheet At the police station a charge sheet was made out.

PREP. on a/the ~ She appeared in court on charges of kidnapping and assault. | without ~ to be detained/held/released without charge | ~ against The charges against you have been dropped. | ~ of a charge of armed robbery | ~ relating to charges relating to the embezzlement of public funds

PHRASES bring/prefer/press charges (against sb) Many victims of crime are reluctant to press charges against their attackers.

3 control

ADJ. overall The conductor has overall charge of the train. | personal She took personal charge of the files. | sole Stephen will resume sole charge for the time being. | temporary

VERB + CHARGE have | take We need somebody to take charge of the financial side. | resume | place/put sb in John has been put in charge of marketing.

PREP. in ~ (of sb/sth) I need to feel more in charge of my life. | in/under sb's ~ The child is under my charge until the mother returns from abroad.

4 sudden attack

ADJ. baton, cavalry They were driven back by a police baton charge.

VERB + CHARGE lead Allen led the charge, but could they get a goal back? | sound The bugle sounded the charge.

CHARGE + VERB drive sb back

charge verb

1 ask sb to pay money

ADV. directly

VERB + CHARGE be entitled to, be free to, have a right to Firms are free to charge whatever they like for their services.

PREP. against Research and development expenditure is charged against profits in the year it is incurred. | at Stamp Duty will be charged at one per cent. | for We don't charge for delivery. | on The bank charges a commission on all foreign currency transactions. | to The cost is charged directly to the profit and loss account.

PHRASES charge sth to sb's account £50 will be charged to your account.

2 make an official accusation

ADV. formally | jointly The teenagers were jointly charged with attempted murder.

PREP. in connection with A man has been charged in connection with the attack. | with She has not yet been formally charged with the offence.

3 rush/attack

ADV. headlong | around/round, in, out The children were all charging around outside.

PREP. at I was worried that the animal might charge at us. | down I heard the sound of feet charging down the stairs. | into She charged into the room. | out of, through, towards The rhino charged headlong towards us. | up

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