burn noun

ADJ. horrific, nasty, serious, severe, terrible | minor, slight | first-/second-/third-degree | cigarette

VERB + BURN suffer | die from/of | treat, treat sb for

BURN + NOUN mark

PHRASES 20, 50, etc. per cent burns He was treated in hospital for 60 per cent burns.

burn verb

1 damage/injure by fire/heat

ADV. badly, seriously, severely | completely The car was found abandoned in a wood, completely burnt out. | partially, partly | easily fair skin that burns easily | ceremonially Bishop Tunstall preached a sermon against the book, after which copies were ceremonially burnt. | down, out The factory burned down last year.

PHRASES be burnt alive, be burnt to ashes/a cinder/a crisp I like my steak burnt to a cinder on the outside and blood red and juicy inside. | burn/be burnt to death Several people were burnt to death. | be burnt to the ground The building was burnt to the ground.

2 be on fire

ADV. fiercely The fire was still burning fiercely. | steadily | slowly Fresh leaves will burn slowly with billows of smoke.

3 produce light

ADV. brightly Their torches burnt brightly in the dark.

4 be filled with strong feeling

ADV. fiercely Her eyes burned fiercely. | slowly She could sense the anger burning slowly inside him.

PREP. with He was burning with indignation.

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