brush noun

ADJ. fine, soft, stiff Scrub the wood thoroughly with water and a stiff brush. | nylon, wire | clothes, lavatory, nail, pastry, scrubbing, shaving, toilet

VERB + BRUSH apply sth with Apply the paint with a clean brush. | use, wield

BRUSH + NOUN stroke The artist has used tiny brush strokes.

PREP. with a/the ~ Remove all the rust with a wire brush.

PHRASES a brush and comb, a dustpan and brush

brush verb

1 clean with a brush

ADV. down She hummed happily as she brushed down her coat.

PREP. at Lucille brushed at the blood on his jacket.

PHRASES brush sth clean

2 touch lightly

ADV. gently, lightly | accidentally

PREP. against She carefully avoided brushing against the man sitting beside her at the table. | by She brushed by him and dashed up the stairs. | past I hardly noticed the man who brushed past me in the corridor. | with He brushed her lips with his.

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