brief adj.

VERBS be I promised to be brief. | keep sth, make sth Could you make it brief? I've got a meeting in ten minutes.

ADV. extremely, very | fairly, quite, rather | comparatively, relatively | necessarily This necessarily brief account concentrates on two main areas. | mercifully The wait was mercifully brief, little more than an hour. | tantalizingly The diary entries were tantalizingly brief.

brief noun

ADJ. clear, detailed, written | legal, technical

VERB + BRIEF prepare, produce, write

PREP. in a/the ~ She makes all these points in her brief. | outside sb's ~ How the new policy is to be implemented is outside his brief. | ~ on a technical brief on food hygiene

PHRASES be part of sb's brief It's not part of my brief to advise on financial matters.

brief verb

ADV. fully, properly, well

PREP. about The men have been fully briefed about the intended mission. | on Each member of my crew took it in turn to brief me on his particular duties.

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