block noun

1 solid piece of sth

ADJ. big, huge, large, massive | small | solid | concrete, stone, wooden | building | starting (for a runner) aiming to be first out of the starting blocks | breeze

2 large building divided into offices/flats

ADJ. high-rise, tower | administration, apartment, cell, office The prisoners had been transferred to a different cell block.

PREP. in a/the ~ She lives in a modern apartment block. | ~ of a block of flats

3 temporary loss of abilities

ADJ. mental, writer's The author denies that she is experiencing writer's block.

VERB + BLOCK experience, have, suffer from I suddenly had a mental block and couldn't remember his name.

block verb

1 make it difficult to pass

ADV. completely | almost | partially, partly | off, up The old route is completely blocked off. Don't block up the corridor with all these boxes.

VERB + BLOCK try to | move to One of the men moved to block their path.

PREP. with The exit was blocked with beer crates.

2 prevent sth being done

ADV. successfully | effectively The new rules would effectively block protesters' attempts to assert their rights.

VERB + BLOCK attempt to, seek to, try to | move to The group has moved to block the government's proposals. PHRASAL VERBS block sth out

ADV. completely Black clouds had completely blocked out the sun. | almost

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