blind adj.

1 unable to see

VERBS be, be born | be registered (as) | go She went blind at the age of ten. | make sb

ADV. totally | almost, virtually | partially

PHRASES as blind as a bat, be blind in one eye/in both eyes He is almost blind in one eye.

2 blind to sth: not willing to notice/admit sth

VERBS be, seem | become | make sb

ADV. completely, totally His own problems have made him completely blind to the sufferings of others.

blind noun

ADJ. roller, venetian

VERB + BLIND open, pull up, raise | close, draw, lower, pull down

PREP. through a/the ~ She saw a shadowy figure through the blind.

blind verb

ADV. almost, nearly The strong light almost blinded him. | momentarily, temporarily

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