bid noun

1 attempt

ADJ. successful | failed, unsuccessful | desperate | takeover

VERB + BID launch, make, mount A German firm launched a takeover bid for the company. | succeed in | fail in They failed in their bid to buy the holiday company.

BID + VERB succeed | fail

PREP. in a/the ~ He attacked his guards in a desperate bid for freedom. | ~ by a bid by the president to boost his popularity | ~ for This play was her last bid for recognition.

PHRASES a bid for freedom/power, a bid to escape

2 offer of a sum of money to buy sth

ADJ. high | low | opening | cash

VERB + BID make, put in, submit He made a cash bid for the company. | retract | call for, invite They have invited bids for the property. | increase, raise | accept

PREP. ~ by/from a £24-million bid by a rival football club | ~ for a bid for the chair | ~ of a bid of £100

bid verb

1 offer money for sth

PREP. against Two dealers bid against each other for the antique table. | for She bid £10,000 for the painting.

2 offer to do work

ADV. successfully

PREP. for We have successfully bid for the contract.

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