bang noun

1 sudden loud noise

ADJ. almighty, big, enormous, huge, loud, massive, terrific, tremendous

VERB + BANG let out, make The engine let out a bang. Will the firework make a loud enough bang? | hear We suddenly heard an almighty bang from the kitchen.

BANG + VERB echo

PREP. with a ~ She slammed the door with a loud bang.

2 sudden hard hit

ADJ. nasty He got a nasty bang on the head.

VERB + BANG get, have

bang verb

1 hit noisily

ADV. hard, loudly

PREP. against He kept banging his chair against the wall. | on She banged loudly on the table.

PHRASES bang sth about, bang (sth) down, bang (sth) open/shut The bedroom door banged shut. She banged the door shut.

2 part of the body/person

ADV. badly, hard I had banged my head badly.

PREP. into He banged into me in the corridor. | on I banged my leg on the table.

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