attack noun

1 violence against sb

ADJ. brutal, frenzied, horrific, savage, serious, vicious, violent | unprovoked | racist, sexual | arson, gun, knife an increase in knife attacks on police officers

QUANT. series, spate, wave

VERB + ATTACK carry out Two teenagers carried out a frenzied attack on a local shopkeeper. | be subjected to He was subjected to a violent attack.

ATTACK + VERB happen, occur, take place Where did the attack happen?

PREP. ~ against vicious attacks against pensioners | ~ by an attack by an armed gang | ~ on an attack on a bus driver

PHRASES a victim of an attack

2 act of violence in war

ADJ. all-out, full-scale, major | sustained | surprise | retaliatory | mock | flank, frontal | enemy, guerrilla, terrorist | air, bomb, missile, mortar, nuclear

QUANT. series The southern border towns have suffered a series of attacks.

VERB + ATTACK carry out, launch, lead, make, mount, spearhead The soldiers mounted an all-out attack on the village. | come under, suffer They came under sustained attack from the air. | repel, repulse, resist | survive, withstand Most of the population would stand little chance of surviving a nuclear attack. | press home, renew Bombers pressed home their attack, causing severe damage to harbour installations.

ATTACK + VERB happen, occur, take place The attack took place under cover of darkness. | fail, succeed

PREP. under ~ The province has been under attack from the rebels. | ~ against attacks against civilians | ~ by an attack by rebel forces | ~ on an attack on enemy positions

3 criticism

ADJ. bitter, blistering, fierce, outspoken, savage, scathing, scurrilous, stinging, vigorous | personal Is this a personal attack on the president, or a criticism of the government? | concerted | verbal

VERB + ATTACK deliver, go on the, launch, make, mount, unleash Doctors have gone on the attack, accusing the government of incompetence. | come under, provoke All politicians come under attack for their views. The government's decision has provoked an attack from leaders of the health service.

PREP. ~ on/upon an attack on my integrity

PHRASES a/the line of attack The first line of attack is often name-calling. | open to attack He has laid himself wide open to attack.

4 sudden illness

ADJ. acute, sudden | bad, nasty, severe | fatal | mild, slight | recurrent | asthma, heart, panic a fatal heart attack

VERB + ATTACK experience, have, suffer (from) He suffers from attacks of anxiety. | bring on, cause, trigger a heart attack brought on by stress

ATTACK + VERB happen, occur, take place

PREP. ~ of a sudden attack of nerves

attack verb

1 use violence

ADV. brutally, savagely, viciously, violently She was brutally attacked by two men. | physically

PREP. with He attacked her with a knife.

2 criticize

ADV. fiercely, savagely, sharply, strongly, vigorously

PREP. for The police have been strongly attacked for not taking immediate action.

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