address noun

1 where you live/work

ADJ. home, private | business | contact Please leave a contact address. | forwarding, return There was no return address on the back of the envelope. | postal | full Please write your full postal address. | false, wrong He gave a false address to the police. | correct, right | useful | secret | fashionable Cheyne Walk was a very fashionable address.

VERB + ADDRESS give, leave, write


PREP. at a/the ~ I'm afraid there's nobody called Williams at this address.

PHRASES a change of address Please inform us of any change of address. | name and address, no fixed address a man of no fixed address

2 speech

ADJ. short | inaugural, keynote, opening | public a public address system | radio, televised/television | election | presidential

VERB + ADDRESS deliver, give The prime minister delivered the keynote address at the conference.

PREP. in a/the ~ He gave details of the policy in an address to party members. | ~ by an address by the Chancellor of the University | ~ to a radio address to the nation

address verb

1 write name and address

ADV. correctly, properly | personally The minister did not reply to my letter although I addressed it to him personally.

PREP. to

PHRASES a stamped addressed envelope Please send a stamped addressed envelope and we will send you a copy of our brochure.

2 say sth to sb

ADV. by name, directly She did not address him by name. He never addressed her directly.

PREP. to He addressed his comments to the chairman.

3 deal with problem

ADV. directly, explicitly, specifically | fully | adequately These concerns were not adequately addressed in the report. | successfully

VERB + ADDRESS seek to the problems we are seeking to address | fail to

PHRASES address yourself to sth The authors of the book address themselves to the question of unemployment.

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